How many tech professionals actually want a union? A new survey by Blind shows that relatively few tech-company employees are actually interested in formal unions.  Because the responses to Blind’s surveys are anonymous, we can’t say definitively whether the 2,985 respondents actually work for these companies; nonetheless, we can safely treat these results as an […]

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A new study from INAP shows nearly half of IT professionals feel those who are new to their roles are “unprepared,” while admitting they don’t refresh their own skillsets often enough. Around 49 percent don’t think “new talent entering the IT workforce is adequately prepared for the roles and responsibilities of today’s IT environment.” It’s […]

Can I Text You? (Is it okay to use text messages during a job search?) Scrolling though job listings and even applying for jobs on your phone’s web browser is becoming more commonplace. But, is it okay to communicate via text with prospective employers? According to Jackie Ducci, CEO and founder of Ducci & Associates, […]

Is it Time for the Unpaid Internship to Die? A quick online search will find you as many unpaid-intern horror stories as you care to read. From having to beg or borrow money to pay for transportation or work-approved clothing, to single-handedly moving a manager’s personal furniture out of one apartment into another, to picking […]

Of course, it’s important to earn a living wage. And, while a great salary may top your “wish list” when job hunting, there are other important factors to consider. In fact, some aspects of a potential job can have a much greater impact on your overall satisfaction and long-term happiness than a paycheck. For instance, […]

Are You a Recruiting Early Bird? It’s such a familiar quote that it’s almost cliché, but only because it’s true: The early bird really does get the worm. It also gets the best college graduates and interns. If your recruiting efforts tend to focus only on the most recent batch of candidates, you may have […]

You’ve landed the interview and spent hours researching the company and preparing your responses to the most common interview questions. You’ve got this, right? Not so fast. An often-overlooked part of the interview process comes near the end when the interviewer turns the tables and asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” Believe it […]

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of creative job postings, including ads on subway stations and bus stops asking riders if they like the direction they’re heading or posing the question “How was your day at work?” Then there was the ad appealing to Twilight fans that pictured a row of pencils with sharp […]

Numerous studies show that the more diverse an organization’s workforce is, the more productive they are. In fact, research from McKinsey found that companies that are diverse by gender and ethnicity, outperform their peers financially by 35%! And yet, it can still be a challenge for some talent acquisition teams to get buy-in for their […]

One of my favorite podcasts that sits at the intersection of human resources and technology a/k/a HRtech is The Chad and Cheese Podcast. The hosts are friends Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman, each of whom have been in the industry for two decades and regularly compete with each other to see who can out-snark the […]